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I love oatmeal. Loooove it. Preferably not instant, almost thick enough to stand a spoon up in, with a sprinkle of fun toppings. CHEAP, low fat, filling, easy, good for you if you lay off the brown sugar. The bad news? Over the last few years I seem to have become allergic to oats (allover itchies and gut churning badness). So, chefs of MeFi, what hot cereal recipe should I turn to which most closely resembles oatmeal, especially in mouth-feel?

The good news is that I am a-okay with gluten. I am delighted to try anything, and as I live in central Toronto I should be able to find almost anything. Additional data:
-- I like whole wheat, barley (though I've only had it in savoury dishes), couscous (ditto, and I know it's made of wheat), white and brown rice.
-- I have a vague recollection of not liking some of the alternative grain offerings at my hippie-intensive elementary school because they tasted vaguely "green" or fresh soil-y to me, but I have no idea what those were or if they were prepared properly.
-- I have an uneasy relationship with rye bread, but I think that's partly about the caraway seeds.
-- I like dark, molassesy, malty breads
-- I seem to be sensitive to corn as well, so that's out
-- I might be able to get away with a mixed cereal that contained oat BRAN, since that would presumably be mostly cellulose and inert, right?
-- convenience isn't a huge concern as I have time in the mornings

I eagerly await your delicious recipes and recommendations!
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I loved loved loved Cream of Wheat growing up. With butter and brown sugar. It has a grainier texture than oatmeal, but I like my hot cereal thick like you do, and it gives the same textural happiness to me as oats do.
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When I was little my mom would occasionally heat up left over rice for breakfast. She'd add milk, cinnamon and either raisins or bananas. The mouth feel would be different, but I think rice would have the same sort of heartiness that oatmeal has. To make it healthier I'd use brown or basmati rice and maybe cook it right in the milk. You could also whip in an egg white for protein just as it's done cooking.
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Pressed barley (barley flakes?) looks a lot like oatmeal and seemed kind of similar when I made it (but took longer to cook.)
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I fucking love farina. I used to eat it twice a day. (In the cocoa + sugar fashion.) And cold rice with milk and sugar or fruit is quite good!
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Oh yeah, duh... hot oat bran. Right in between oatmeal and farina. I have no idea about the allergy concerns, but it's super good, and you can find it in most grocery stores.
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We eat Red River Cereal a lot in the winter. It reminds me of oatmeal in texture, but it has cracked wheat, rye and flax. I think it's delicious in a wholesome prairies sort of way. It's good served hot with fruit, a bit of brown sugar, and milk.

I am not sure if brick and mortar US grocery stores carry it, but you can order it from Amazon.com.
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Seconding cooked rice, especially brown rice cooked in batches, frozen, then zapped in the microwave with milk. Goes nice and sludgy and great nutty taste.
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Sago, tapioca and polenta all make delicious porridges.
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Buckwheat groats are also terrific.
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Bob's Red Mill has some options for you in their many hot cereals.
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Hot grape nuts might do nicely. They're wheat and barley.
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Quinoa flakes make a great porridge, like a slightly silkier oatmeal. I've also made a millet porridge before but I don't remember it well enough describe.
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Quinoa seems to me to have a similar mouth feel. I usually add butter or olive oil, plus garlic and sea salt, but I could see it working with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Ok, now I want some.

Brown rice could work, too.
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2nd Cream of Wheat (which is just a brand of farina). Yum.
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I love Cream of Wheat/Farina, too, but being from the South (southern US), grits are my absolute favorite. Grits + butter + salt + pepper = happy trip. Grate some parmesan on top, and you're in heaven.

Oh sorry grits are corn. Trip will take reading comprehension lessons.
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Running dry brown rice through the blender to smash it up a bit makes it cook into something quite porridgey.
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You want to eat Malt-o-Meal Original Hot cereal.

Soo tasty. Malty, wheaty farina - no oats, no corn. With milk & brown sugar, or with molasses or with whatever.

Trust me.
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With rice, you can totally make congee/juk/lugaw - they're all savory-to-neutral thick rice puddings, flavored with whatever ingredients you add. Typically, they're made with white rice, but I've eaten brown rice congee before, and it had a nutty flavor that I think would go great with a little maple syrup or blackstrap molasses. Brown rice-based recipes will take longer to make than white rice-based ones, as they require a soak, but well worth it.
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I remember Wheatena as having a lovely texture.
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Seconding Red River cereal. You can get it at Loblaws, so no need for Amazon. It does contain rye but no caraway seeds.
Quinoa is OK but I find the texture more like Cream of Wheat, not porridge.
I suggest you get your allergy checked out/confirmed: the minor irritation of itchiness can morph into something serious at any time.
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Wheatena? I like the texture, but haven't had it in years, it's hard to find, maybe.
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Another vote for hot rice! If you want it to be an extra smooshy breakfast risotto, make a whole batch of it in a dutch oven and then you will have leftovers throughout the week. Just add some water when you re-heat.
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I also love quinoa for breakfast. So easy and fast to cook. I add various fruit and nuts for extra tastiness. I especially love it with apples, cinnamon, vanilla, and pecans.
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microwave(all-bran + milk) + berries = healthy and yummy oatmeal alternative
you can also replace berries with other fruit/peanut butter
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Nthing farina/Cream of Wheat/Malt o Meal.

I've found that the mouthfeel and texture of any of the Bob's Red Mill # Grain Hot Cereals to be unpleasant, no matter how long I cook them. They taste like they're good for you!
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I make a flax meal porridge many mornings. Mix Flax and protein powder, add hot water. Optional is butter/cream/seasoning. This morning it was pumpkin pie spice.

High Fiber, low net carbs! :)
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Grape Nuts in enough fluid to wet (but not float) the whole bowl, heated for 30ish seconds in the microwave. I usually just use water, but milk/milk substitutes work fine too. They end up dense but not crunchy and just fucking delicious. (And glutenous. *sob*)
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I'll suggest that whatever you choose, try making it completely with milk instead if water.

That's how my mom made both oatmeal and Cream of Wheat and it's next-level shit. Totally ruined ever eating hot cereal anywhere out but it's been worth it.

Also seconding Bob's Red Mill. I recently tried their Cream of Wheat and it's a billion times better than the boxed stuff.
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Have you tried Indian flattened rice? It's rice that's been cooked, flattened and dried. It's then prepared by rehydrating it with water or milk. Normally you'd avoid it getting soggy but a bit of over-soaking/over-cooking will make it more porridgey.
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Cocomama Foods Hot Quinoa Cereal was a bit too sweet for me, but I'm sure that could be mitigated by adding more quinoa, nuts, etc.
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