How can an indoor cat get fleas?
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I have four cats. I just found a live flea on one of them. How can indoor cats (they *never* go outside) get fleas?

Could flea eggs have been carried into the house on my shoes or clothing?

I haven't bought any secondhand furniture or secondhand clothing...

Also: what is the best flea treatment? Advantage?
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Yep, if you're around anything with flea eggs and they get on you then you can bring them into the house. If you've been outside of your home and back in there's a chance you brought them in with you.
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Mice. Squirrels. Bats. Feral/stray cats hanging out under your porch (ask me how I know). Coworkers/friends with animals. Any of the treatments your vet offers should work just fine.
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My (now dead) cat caught fleas from my brother, who had a dog which had fleas. The dog never came to my house. Just the brother.
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Yup, fleas hitchhike in on trousers and shoes. I have to treat my indoor-only cats with Advantage thanks to these pesky hitch-hikers.

Flea treatments: Frontline and Advantage are available without a prescription. You can only get Revolution with a vet's prescription. Thread on the Cat Site discussing Frontline, Advantage and Revolution.

Be sure and vacuum your carpets, if you have them, to get rid of flea eggs.
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My indoor-only cats get fleas once in a while. The fleas hitch a ride in my overnight bag. When it happens I vacuum, wash my sheets in hot water, and put Advantage on both cats. I don't do the Advantage monthly, only when I notice the cats itching a lot which is usually in the summertime.
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Could flea eggs have been carried into the house on my shoes or clothing?

Live fleas are more likely, in my opinion. Yes, fleas can ride on your socks. I once caught them jumping off my bare feet after I had been walking around in a house with a flea infestation. You can also get them on you from hiking etc.
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I have found spiders, lizards, potato bugs, bats, raccoons, mice, flies, and various other creatures that are supposed to be outside inside my house over the years. Sometimes animals just end up where you don't want them.
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My indoor cat has them too. They sneak in through the screened windows. I wash him with blue Dawn dish soap twice a week to control them, and comb the dead fleas out with a flea comb. Flea season should be over soon. It is bad this year.
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My indoor cat once got them. The vet figured they just hitched a ride on some shoes.
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If there are critters with fleas in your yard or neighbor's yard, then it isn't too hard for them to get in your house. I like to do a spray with beneficial nematodes in the yard whenever the fleas are noticeable. This is a non-toxic way to cover your bases if you're having a flea infestation.

This always does the trick for me.
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When I find a flea in the house (indoor only cat, and a dog that obviously goes outdoors) I usually hit the cat with one dose of frontline and vacuum the house really well.

My dog is on a monthly treatment but I only do the cat when I see them. Worked so far.
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My boyfriend's cat got fleas once from the apartment next door. The cat never went outside at all, not even on a balcony, but apparently just sitting at a window with the screen open, next to the neighbor's open window was enough.
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This is the time of year for fleas, unfortunately. They hitch rides on socks and shoes and pant legs. Advantage worked on our indoor cats with mystery fleas a couple of years ago. And vacuum/wash everything. It's annoying but shouldn't be too bad if you treat it right away.
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Where we live most of the topicals are useless. Fleas just don't seem to respect the authority of Advantage, Revolution or Frontline any longer. Our vet does not recommend the topicals since you'll eventually be back for Comfortis which works very well.
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We're pretty sure that squirrels nesting in the attic of our rental at the time were responsible for our first flea infestation, a couple of years back, and this summer's infestation was due to visiting relatives and playing with their dog, then carrying the fleas back home to the cats.
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This is gross, but I once lived in a basement apartment and an indoor cat. My cat got fleas, and the culprit was rats living in the unfinished basement room connected to my apartment.
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Once you notice the fleas, there are flea eggs about. I use flea powder on all rugs, leave it for an hour or 2, then vacuum. I usually do this several times during flea season. Bonus - flea powder kills eggs in the vac. bag.
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Why does every article about obnoxious insects have to have large images of said critters? makes me itch.
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