Who is the Lisa Eldridge of hair?
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I am obsessed with Lisa Eldridge's fantastic makeup videos - she's incredibly friendly, her videos are beautifully shot, and she talks to you about why you should or shouldn't do things as well as how. Do you know of someone similar who focuses on just hair?

I'm looking for someone who gives great education and instructions both in terms of styling and hair care. Who is your haircare guru? Who explains what products I should consider, and why? They don't necessarily have to be videos, a great blog would do as well!
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BerlinHairBaby on YouTube.

K8bryan -- TheSmallThingsBlog on YouTube.

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It's gone dormant recently but I really like Hairdresser on Fire.

She Lets Her Hair Down
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I think thr Videojug Beauty channel on YouTube might be what you're looking for.
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LetsMakeItUp on YouTube

Seconding LilithMoon.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Just wanted to update you - I really liked BerlinHairBaby, and ended up finding LuxyHair too. I really like BerlinHairBaby for product and haircare chat, and LuxyHair for styles (especially for thick hair like mine). Also Mimi from Luxyhair just makes me smile and has that same warm friendliness that Lisa Eldridge has.
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