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I'm going to be in Hungary from Sept 29 - Oct 12, and I have a few questions about practicalities of the trip.

I lived in Hungary for a year in 2000-01, but haven't been back since, so I'm really excited to be going. I'll be splitting my time between Miskolc, Satoraljaujhely (on the Slovak border, and the town where I lived), and Budapest. Some recent questions have been helpful, but they've generally been for trips in the area, not necessarily Budapest-specific. So since I haven't been there in a while, some quick questions:

*I've been hearing about the romkocsmak (ruin pubs) -- any details on what I should look into? Budapest always felt tremendously safe when I was strolling around at 2 am in 2000, but I'm not sure how much it's changed since then.

*Relatedly, is there anything else that more recent visitors can recommend? I'll probably be alone in BP, so quirky new places to check out are greatly appreciated. I used to use the PestiEst to find out what was going on -- is that still around? I'd love to check out some local indie music, if things along those lines exist.

*I have an iPhone 5, which I was told could take a sim card. Is this actually doable? What kind of converter would I need to be able to plug things in if I take US electronics?

Much thanks in advance!
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Best answer: 1. Romkocsmak: The 7th district is full of them, so many that they have spawned the inevitable commercial piggy-back, the fake ruin bar. You will be there as the weather changes, so no guarantee that outdoor garden ruin bars will be functional. Just walk along Kazinczy utca near Kiraly utca in the 7th district and you will have about ten at your disposal.

2. Pesti Est is still around. Check out online culture listing on sites like,, Indie clubs : check out the programs at the Akvarium Klub in Deak ter or the relocated Godor Klub in the 8th, or on the A38 boat docked in Buda.

3. Iphone should work. Just get a plug adapter so you can fit the USA prongs into a Euro outlet. Iphones, smart phones, computers all are designed for international current changes. I'm in Budapest typing this on a laptop bought in Hackensack... just a wee adaptor on the power chord.
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