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I'm in the process of finishing the first version of my iOS minimalist Foursquare app. I'm wondering what is the best way to get beta testers for my app. I simply need feedback and ideas for improvement/changes to the app. The app is currently not in the App Store, but I want to make sure I get everything right, just before iOS 7 hits. What is the best way to do so?
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I've beta tested apps before, but since they weren't on the store, the dev just manually loaded it on my iDevice. So, maybe hit up your local friends?
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You can try asking in the forums for Foursquare users or MacRumors' forums.
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Once you have the individuals located, the best way to get them prerelease copies of the app to try out is with a service like Test Flight.
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If you are looking for iOS7 users now, you need people with dev accounts - so try posting in the developer forums?
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I see that you already posted on /r/foursquare and /r/iphone/. You might also try /r/favors.
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There is this service, which I have not used, which can be of some limited use for beta testing. To clarify, I know people who have used it, with some success, but again, it's not a complete test, since the app runs in a virtual environment.
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Seconding testflight. I've used it for a few apps. It's awesome. They provide a beta signup page you can send out to forums etc. You can also insert checkpoints, logs, etc into your app that testflight will monitor for you.
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Oh and I'm not sure what you mean dfriedman about the app running in a virtual environment. The app is installed and runs like any other app. Testflight just makes it easier to get an ios device's id and send the build.
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You can use TestFlight or other such apps, but as for finding people, how about friends, relatives, and colleagues/associates? And how about people on Metafilter?
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Line up Beta testers here.

That's the iOS branch of a forum that I post to. I don't post in iOS because I have a Windows Phone, but I know at the Windows Phone site developers routinely recruit Beta testers for their Win Phone apps.

You will get a more diverse crowd at than you will by asking friends and relatives.
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My company has had good experience with (I think)

The challenge, I think, will be getting users who can side-load an app, yet think like the average user - not a common combination.
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