Finding good furniture in Toronto
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As an addendum to my previous question, I am now looking for some good furniture choices in the Toronto downtown area (central York, near Davisville Avenue to be specific). It is important that it is good quality / relatively cheap and that the place delivers it to the apartment for a nominal fee. I'd rather buy new stuff because I'm a little uncomfortable with getting used furniture. Any suggestions/advice?

Thanks to all of your wonderful input, I found an apartment in 33 Davisville Avenue. It is a two minute walk from Toronto's main TTC branch as well as the Davisville subway terminal. Unfortunately, after I googled the place, I found that it was infested with bed bugs. My friends tell me that I can take care of it on my own, and that a trip to Canadian Tire for some "environmentally-friendly pesticide" should solve the problem. I've also heard that it is something not uncommon in major cities near big bodies of water. I don't want to buy the furniture and have the critters ruin it, so furniture with a good guarantee/return policy is a major plus.
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I just want to point out that if you Google the address of the newspaper the National Post (1450 Don Mills), bedbugregistry will come up at or near the top. Most buildings are on that site. Relax.

To answer your question: for new furniture, IKEA. There is a branch at Sheppard & Leslie.
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Wait, are you suggesting that you would return bedbug infested furniture to a store? I hope not!

At any rate, on the bedbug front, do yourself a favour and get some caulking at Canadian Tire. CAULK EVERYTHING! Every conceivable crack in your apartment. It works wonders.
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Response by poster: @randomination: That's a relief. I would try IKEA, but people advise me to get better quality furniture because I won't regret it later on.

@Mrs. Rattery: Of course not, I would never return bedbug-infested furniture to the store. I can't imagine doing something like that, because how would i like it if it were done to me? Anyway I was just hoping there would be some kind of policy that would cover that sort of thing. I'll take your advice as far as the caulking is concerned.
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