Referrals for Real Estate Lawyer or similar near Las Vegas?
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A good friend owns an underwater house in a suburb of Las Vegas. Payments are current and house is in good shape. The friend reported that a similar home in the development recently sold for several thousand (something like $50-80k) less than his current mortgage. If I can provide referrals to knowledgeable local people so he can get good, sensible information on his options, that would be a huge help.

My friend has recently separated from his wife, and is actively looking to relocate to Oregon, where most of his support network is. The house & mortgage is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to this move. I can't provide him with good advice, but I do know he needs some informed, realistic information so he can decide on a course of action. He's concerned about damaging his credit with a short sale, but he's also becoming increasingly miserable and lonely in Las Vegas.

I'd like to help him get in touch with someone-- a Realtor, a lawyer, whatever, who can talk him through his options in a calm, knowledgeable manner. If you prefer to MeMail, feel free!
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