I hate this icon more than Clippy!
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Stupid annoying trivial Excel (2003) question.

How do I get rid of the annoying icon that appears after doing a paste (never a paste from within Excel, always from another application). The icon looks very similar to what is on the toolbar. I've tried looking in Options, Auto Correct Options, etc. but I just can't find the "off" switch. Sometimes it will just go away - but I don't know how/when that will happen either. Help!

Sorry. Couldn't refine my Google search adequately enough.
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Best answer: Do you mean the "Paste Options" button? If so, follow this procedure:

"On the Tools menu, click Options.

On the Edit tab, clear or select the Show Paste Options buttons check box to hide or display the Show Paste Options button on the worksheet. "
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Response by poster: I'd post a picture of the icon... if someone would tell me how.

Stupid noob!
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Edit Tab
Then clear the check box on "Show paste options"
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Response by poster: That's it! For an "experienced Excel user", I can be quite dense sometimes. Thanks, selfnoise.
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No problem. Excel's option set is not exactly easy to drill through, particularly now that they've added all kinds of weird crap you don't really need.

The way I found this, BTW, was by hovering over the icon until Excel told me what it was called. (Paste Options) I then did a Help Search for Paste Options using Microsoft's Online Help and this was one of the documents that popped up.
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This has bugged me as well, but I never bothered to figure it out. Thanks AxMe.

So, for all you Mac Excel 2004 users out there, the path is:

De-select Paste Options.
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That paste button is the best addition to Office in years! It goes away when you move the focus, and it's much better than the alternative - Edit, Paste Special, Choose from unintelligible list of options, hope for the best.
/unrequested opinion
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I always appreciate these questions and answers about Word and Excel (although this happened to be one I'd already known from experience). But I'd like to address the oh-so-helpful "switch to [X]" crowd. See, some of us have "jobs" where we go to "work" and our computers already have this crap software installed, and we have to make the best of it.

Yes, there are people who use IE and MS Office because they want to, or they're used to it, or it came with their computers and they don't know how to install something else. But keep in mind that most of us posting here from 8-5 are likely doing so from work, where, like it or not, purists, we don't have the option to install whatever the hell software we want.

/end rant
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Response by poster: Popular Ethics - I asked because the dam thing would stay almost all the time - regardless of focus. (?!?!)

peep - Thank you!
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I have observed that it doesn't go away after any amount of time unless you click into another cell (as if to start typing in it). I want it to show up for a little while after the paste, but I also hate that it sits there for forever and a day.
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