Power steering rack and windshield wipers. Any connection?
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The power steering rack in my 2000 Honda Civic was replaced last week. Today, I noticed my windshield wipers only work on the highest setting. They were working fine right before I took the car into the shop. Could these two issues be related, or is this likely just a coincidence?

If so, I will take it back to the shop. If not, how easy is it to diagnose and fix this myself?
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Best answer: I'd take it back to the shop (and insist they fix it for free)...most likely they pinched one of the wires in (or coming out of) the steering column while fixing it. (it will probably be a pretty easy fix)
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Best answer: Related, not a coincidence.

Check *all* the other functions on the steering column carefully before you take it back in (horn, turn signals, high/low beam, cruise control, key accessory position, emergency flashers, etc), and complain about anything else you discover that doesn't work.
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oh, maybe not as likely, but really easy to check: fuses. The fusebox is probably in or near the glove compartment. Check youtube for instructions on checking fuses if you've never done it before.
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Fuse seems unlikely, given that the wipers do work at the highest setting.
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Best answer: There's a harness behind the steering column where all the electrical stuff is. It wouldn't be all that weird for one of the wires to have become loose or to be pinched or disconnected in the previous work.

Check everything electrical (heat, air, radio, etc.) and then take it back to be put to rights.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. All other functions are working normally. I will take it back it to the shop and have them fix it (for free, of course).
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