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There was a Coke commercial a million years ago (or closer to 10-20?) where the narrator was saying all the moments coke was enjoyed and the words had an accompanying picture of a bottle or glass of coke.

I've googled and youtubed and chatted with an official Coca Cola automated bot thing but have had no luck. It's not a life or death question; it's just bugging me.

Hazy recollection of parts of the commercial:
Ex: "for the big, for the small" and would have a big bottle, then a small bottle
Ex: "for starry nights" had a glass of coke and the itty bitty fizz bubbles coming off the top of the glass, all star-like.

Title of the commercial (do they have titles?), transcript, link to video, or just a "yes, I remember that" will all ease my tormented mind.
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I remember something similar, but not with the bottles or the bubbles. It was more like family photos/videos with the "for the big, for the small" etc. narration.
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LoC has a collection.
The Coca-Cola archives--they're pretty good about answering questions.
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This one?
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Response by poster: It was definitely one of the "For Everybody" commercials. There's quite a few versions! Thanks!
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