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What restaurants in Syracuse have salt potatoes on their menu?

Dinosaur just told me they only has them for catered menus and from its webpage Hinerwadel looks like it's an event space, not a restaurant.
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I'm not sure it counts as a restaurant, but the New York State Fair is on right now, and I know they've had them in previous years.

(Also, searching "salt potatoes" in Syracuse on Yelp brings up a short list.)
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I lived in Syracuse for about five years, and never saw salt potatoes at a restaurant (other than a company picnic at Hinerwadel's). You can buy a "kit" for Hinerwadel's salt potatoes at Wegmans, though (i.e. a bag of small potatoes and a packet of salt). Or, like gnomeloaf said, the NY State Fair is sure to have them.
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Typing in the phrase on my droid turns up all the restaurants in Syracuse.

It looks like Beer Belly has them; unfortunately my plans don't include the fair.
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I lived in Ithaca NY for 5 years and ate in restaurants all over the Southern Tier, Rochester, and a couple in Syracuse. Many times, when a menu mentioned potatoes, it was salt potatoes.

I'm originally from the south, and I liken it to how in some areas of the south, "iced tea" means sweet tea, while other areas would look at you like you have 2 heads if you assumed that.
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I roadtripped through W and CNY a few years ago and the only choices of potato I saw were the usual ones : baked, mashed, hash browns, fries. Roadfood claimed Dino had them, but they were no longer on the menu.
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Yelp is showing me Riley's, Hammi's BBQ, Empire Brewing, The Clam Bar, and JD's Fish and Grill, if that helps.
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I haven't been wild about the BBQ there, but Hammi's has salt potatoes on the menu.
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I found a couple of places, but I've never had the salt potatoes at either one so take these with a grain of salt (heh). Dominick's is a wonderful Italian place, huge portions, and apparently on Wednesdays they do a BBQ night with salt potatoes as a side. I've never been to the Clam Bar but they say they have salt potatoes as a seasonal side (and summer is the season for salt potatoes).
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When I lived in Ithaca, I had salt potatoes once at a Binghamton Mets baseball game. I also went to a Syracuse Chiefs game, but I can't remember if they had them.... Tickets are like $8 and they are home this weekend....
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If you're going up in the next few weeks, and will be there on a weekend, drive around (or google) for a local Chicken BBQ fundraiser - usually it's put on by the Lion's/elks club or fire department or various local groups of the various surrounding towns. For example, the Liverpool Elks are had one on Aug 18; or this group, which is having one tomorrow. They will have barbecued chicken and lots and lots of salt potatoes. Since it's summer/labor day there will probably be more than one. If driving through Buffalo or Rochester, you're likely to find them there as well (in Buffalo also try Beef on Weck and in Rochester try a Garbage Plate).

But yeah, really easy to make yourself (just boil small white potatoes with a ton of salt). If you're roadtripping again, maybe see if there's someone on Couchsurfing who'd host you for dinner? This is more of a cookout/fundraiser food than a restaurant food.
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Beer Belly had bacon vinaigrette ones last night. They were good, if not traditonal.I'll try Clam Bar before I leave.
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I had a red and white Tahou gp, Roadfood recommended beef on weck and sampled the Buffalo area sweet shops on my trip a few years ago.

This time I'm seeing the 1812 sites along the St. Laurence.
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