Does anyone know how to make a PDF act like Excel does?
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How do I make a PDF fillable form do a few of the things that Excel does for me easy, like turn the Trademark notation into superscript TM, like this? ™

So... I'm kinda new to writing javascript, and I'm making a PDF fillable form. The original form was made in Excel, so I'm using Adobe LiveCycle to make a PDF fillable out of the fields on the Excel form. I'm not converting or anything, I've created the PDF from scratch.

Something I can't figure out how to do is to recreate the "TM" field in subscript like Excel does when you type in (TM) into a field. For example, if I typed in MetaFilter(TM) it would make it look like MetaFilter™. Is it possible to have a bit of code across any fillable text field that would allow that little bit of change to happen to make a form easier for the users of my form?

I've been fighting this all day long!
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Might be easier to make a button that inserts that character into whatever field is selected.
posted by gjc at 4:27 PM on August 20, 2013

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