Good online database solutions that hold images?
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I'm looking for a good online database app thingy that would let 50 teachers and 200 students easily and quickly input sentences in two languages *as well as pictures* and be easily searchable by all participants in the future. Any ideas?

I'm trying to create a resource for a language school. As is, students write out journal entries in their target language, and the teachers correct them. I'd like to turn each sentence in the corrected journal entries into a searchable database of target language sentences, translations, and illustrations. ("Heute habe ich zu viel gegessen" - "Today I ate too much" - Picture taken from Google Images of someone holding their stomach). It needs to be easy for students to enter this information into the database. In time, it should be possible to use this database to search for most words in the target language and get a collection of illustrated example sentences and translations. Any ideas what sorts of web apps I can use for this?
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How about using a database to store references to file paths instead of storing the files themselves? I imagine this would speed up indexing quite a bit.
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Quizlet, while not a database, allows you to input sentences in two languages. Images can be included, but this may require a paid subscription. You could then use Ctrl+F to search for words.
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You need a CMS like Joombla. Your first thing shouldn't be finding the app, it should be writing and mocking up a good design document for what you want. Flowcharts of the steps are useful.
Once you have your criteria well defined, if nothing does it "off the shelf" then it will be straightforward to have a developer modify a cms.
Security is a concern, if students can post anything without moderation someone will be a jerk by posting inappropriate things.
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Wordpress is another CMS with this capability, and easier to dive into than Joomla, but it's still not a turn-key solution. You probably need outside help to get this set up for your needs. Message me if you would like a referral.
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