I need a new Terra Nova
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What is another show on Netflix that is "Terra Nova" like and suitable for the entire family?

I know I was very late to the game, but my family and I just finished watching Terra Nova on Netflix and had no idea that was the only season we would ever see! This question isn't about Terra Nova but more about recreating the viewing experience with my family.

Terra Nova met several critical criteria for us: My wife, and 2 youngest sons (9 and 6) all liked it. It was "clean" no curse words or sex scenes. It was a good story line.

What other series on Netflix could you recommend that are family friendly? (Tried Firefly and 10 min in there was a thrusting sex scene, so I had to shut it down.)

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I'm finding Under the Dome (currently on TV) to be very Terra Nova-like.

I don't have Netflix so don't know what's available there, but both of the following are on hulu...

You guys might enjoy No Ordinary Family (which sadly only had one season). Regenesis was also pretty entertaining. It's been a few years since I've watched Regenesis, though, and while I don't remember any sexing or cursing, I can't guarantee it's not there.
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The Stargate series (beginning with SG:1) might fit the bill? They are cheesy but fun.
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Earth 2
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Haven't seen Terra Nova so can't speak to recommendations, but Stargate SG:1 is good fun for the whole family. Just thought I'd mention however that its first episode is out of character by displaying full frontal nudity. There may be different versions out there depending on edits, but just as an FYI in case this is a concern. Otherwise though, the rest of the season should be family friendly in terms of nudity.
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"Revolution" might work. So might "Falling Skies."
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The Middleman! It aired on ABC family so nobody saw it but it was great fun.
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"Star Trek: The Next Generation" is an oldie but perfect for this. "SeaQuest DSV" is also from the '90s and definitely family-friendly, albeit not great TV (but there's a dolphin!). Some of the recent/current shows on the SciFi Channel may also fit the bill, notably "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13."

If you're open to fantasy, I seem to recall "Merlin" (British, based on Arthurian legend) would be suitable although I haven't watched it in a while. "Once Upon A Time," airing on ABC, lightly references things like premarital sex and arrest records, but doesn't have nudity (although there might be swearing?) - it is based on Disney versions of various fairy tales so I think keeping it pretty family-friendly is a reasonable priority.
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ReGenesis is available on Hulu. However, there is a short sex scene (no nudity) in the beginning of the first episode before the daughter walks in.

Leave it to me to be obvious, but Star Trek: TNG is family friendly and is currently streaming on Netflix. X-Files is also available.
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Ocean Girl?
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I'm aiming for family-friendly and on Netflix here as opposed to Terra Nova-like. Maybe Eureka, Battlestar Galactica (1978), any of the Trek Series, Sliders, Knight Rider, and Amazing Stories.
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seaQuest DSV
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Jericho would probably fit the bill
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This is precisely what Doctor Who is for.
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No to Revokution for kids-moms and dads and kids dying or being abducted. Old Doctor Who?
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Eureka and Warehouse 13 for sure--they're both fun, engaging for a variety of audiences, and family-friendly. Both do occasionally include some mild suggestive humor, but only occasionally, and it's generally mild enough that the kids won't get it.
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Falling Skies has no sex scenes or cursing. There is violence, but mainly against giant mechs and aliens. There are also two boys the age of your sons in the cast, if that helps to narrow it down. IMDB recommends me Terra Nova due to Falling Skies being on my Watchlist; can't tell if they are otherwise similar.
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I'm surprised no one's mentioned the original Land of the Lost or the 1990s remake (stay away from the 2009 film). They both feature families trying to survive in mysterious worlds full of dinosaurs and dangerously cheesy special effects.

Sadly, they don't appear to be on Netflix, but the original is on Amazon.
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Another vote for Doctor Who, especially beginning with "The Eleventh Hour" - the Amy Pond storyline tends to resonate with kids, in my experience.

Is anime off the table? If not, I strongly recommend Mushishi. Very quiet and peaceful, with some elegant and supernatural storytelling.
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jbickers: Another vote for Doctor Who, especially beginning with "The Eleventh Hour" - the Amy Pond storyline tends to resonate with kids, in my experience

Yes, exactly this. I am telling you, Doctor Who is exactly what you want. Remove all doubts and second thoughts and biases from your mind and watch. Doctor. Who. You and you family have hundreds of hours of entertainment ahead of you, and that's just on Netflix, without counting all the Classic episodes and audio adventures and books and toys and and and... I am almost jealous of you.
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The BBC Merlin is good. I don't think there are any sex scenes or cursing either. Lots of swordfighting without any gushing blood either.
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Legends of Hercules - Sam Raimi produced family friendly series, a little goofy, usually exciting, very character and plot driven.

No longer available on Netflix, but Babylon 5 would probably fit the bill as well.
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Reading my previous answer, I suppose I'm not one to answer a question like this as I didn't have strict supervision watching television and movies as a child. I would have no issue letting my kid watch most TV-14 sci-fi/fantasy shows within reason... but that's just me.

I still stand by the Star Trek series as being family friendly. My friend's kids also love Doctor Who.

IMDb has a detailed parental guide you can check out, and there's also commonsensemedia.org.

Here's info on the Stargate SG-1 pilot episode if you have any concerns about the nudity: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118480/parentalguide?ref_=tt_stry_pg

The common sense rating for Stargate SG-1 is 10.

You can also sort through genre and age on the site to find a suitable show for your family: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/reviews?genre=43593&media_type=29231&recommended_age=6,7,8,9,10,11&tv=science-fiction

Warning about Under the Dome: There's an attempted rape scene and a woman bludgeoned to bloody death with a baseball bat. The common sense rating for this show is 15.
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My favorite shows like this between 6-9 were various star trek series', especially TNG and voyager though. voyager is silly, but i really loved it when i was younger. Any non deep space 9 series would be good for this. DS9 is great but i just didn't really "get it" at that age. Me and several friends still occasionally mention how much we loved those shows as kids though.

Jericho is a good show, but i'd definitely say it's a bit too dark/complex/adult for that age range. There isn't really any explicit sex or anything, but yea.

Continuum is on netflix, and seemed like the modern version of something cheesy like mutant x that i would have loved watching when i was that age.

I'll absolutely cast a vote for new Doctor Who. I wish that had existed when i was younger. It's completely PG and just absolutely enthralling.
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Oh, definitely Continuum! I hadn't realized it was on Netflix, otherwise I'd have suggested it before anything else. I would bet money that it was very specifically and deliberately designed to sneakily be a wholesome, women-friendly, somewhat family-friendly sci-fi show. But sneakily so, because it is quite complex and engaging, and even kinda dark.And there's the occasional s-word, but it's muted out on the Amazon and Vudu versions, so I imagine it'll also be bleeped out on the Netflix version.

Caveat: Someone, somewhere screwed up in the digital transfer process or something because Continuum is glitchy on Amazon, Vudu, and--I just checked--Netflix. It's a noticeable glitch that happens multiple times per episode, but it doesn't make it unwatchable unless you're really, really sensitive to stuff like that.
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Nthing Merlin. Our 7 and 10-year-old boys have really enjoyed it, and it's fun for adults, too. We look forward to new eps.

However. If you have not seen Avatar: The Last Airbender (the TV series), you should stop reading AskMi right now, put it on your Instant Queue in Netflix, and watch it. It's one of the best things produced for TV in this millenium of any genre in any category. If anyone disagrees with me, I will have to fight them. Our whole family loved it.

We have also really enjoyed Princess Tutu (yes, our boys, too), Legend of Kora, the first few seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the High School ones), and are now watching Full Metal Alchemist.

I really like Star Trek, love Farscape and Babylon 5, and I like Doctor Who, but our boys not so much. I think we'll try Farscape and B5 again when they're older.

I'd second Stargate SG-1, too. I thought it was very fun. I'm also a Warehouse 13 fan, and Eureka is fun, too. All suitable for your age kids.
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