Red bumps on the roof of my mouth?
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I noticed red bumps on the roof of my mouth and one on each side of my throat I took a video of it here what is the cause of it?
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Are they painful? Itchy? My first thought is an allergic reaction, and I don't think it could hurt anything to take Claritin or Zyrtec for a few days to see if they clear up.
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those are most likely petechiae and can be caused by anything from eating, to snoring, to giving head.
you should have a dentist look at them as part of a complete oral exam, as they may be something less benign. it is impossible to render a diagnosis over the internet.
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Response by poster: Is it possible they are a blocked salivary gland? I remember a doctor told me I had a blocked salivary grand in my tonsil or a cyst in my tonsil
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blocked salivary glands do not present that way, but, blocked salivary glands can lead to dry mouth which can lead to you sucking your tongue up onto your palate which could lead to petechiae.
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I wonder if they might be inflamed tastebuds? You have tastebuds on the roof of your mouth and in your throat, not just on your tongue.
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They are not blocked salivary glands because of the location and the appearance. Salivary glands are under your tongue, not on your palate. They also appear swollen when they occur, and your lesions are flat. Your tonsils are the round shaped things sitting on either side of the base of your tongue, those lesions are on your hard and soft palate and on the back of your throat (oropharynx).

They don't look like petechiae to me either, because petechiae are usually dark red/purplish in color and the pattern is slightly different (see the link), and I also noted that some of the ones in your throat have a whitish center and a red base.

I am not your doctor and this is not medical advice, but I think a possibility would be aphthous ulcers. Another possibility, especially if they are painful/you have a sore throat/you have a fever, would be herpangina, but that is more common in children and I am assuming you would have mentioned it if you had other symptoms.
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I should add to be more clear that you do have some minor salivary glands and taste buds in other parts of your mouth including the palate, but what people mean when they refer to these (and the ones that get blocked/inflamed) are the major ones in the lower part of the mouth.
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Also if you want to really get the right diagnosis I agree with OHenryPacey that you need to see someone in person. There is too little information here to be certain what's going on (and the video is out of focus, too).
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Response by poster: Based on that picture of aphthous ulcers I don't think that's what I have the bumps I have are not that big and are slightly raised.
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