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I’m currently looking for footage to use as b-roll for an academic project I am working on. The project deals with consumer ethics across cultures, specifically in relation to sweatshop labour, environmentally unsound and counterfeit goods. The cutaway footage I'm looking for needs to illustrate and break up these aesthetically challenged interviews.

The completed project won't be broadcast - just used in seminars and lectures.

Of course I could just simply buy this stuff – but there's not much of a budget.

If anyone knows of some good sources to start with, for some of the following, I’d be eternally grateful and you’d be looked upon favourably in the karmic equation.

-> Sweatshop labour in Asia
-> Nike/LVMH/Bodyshop or similar brand advertisements (from Australia, China, India, US, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Turkey) – Print or TVC.
-> Markets selling fake brands/counterfeit goods.
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Best answer: As far as sweatship labor oriented stuff, I would recommend contacting the people at the Independent Media Center. They exist to sustain a network of independent media activists throughout the globe, and are sure to know how to get some decent footage in your hands.

Also, although I'm sure you are probably well aware of her by now (and if you're not aware of her, you SHOULD be!), you might try contacting Naomi Klein via her website. She's one of the linchpins in the anti-globalization movement, and her firsthand research into branding, consumerism and especially sweatshop labor is very good. I'm sure that if she doesn't have tons of her own footage that she can donate to you, she knows who does.
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Best answer: Try
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Best answer: If you're going to try contacting people, you may want to try contacting the people who made The Corporation. There's always some stuff at - I've found it invaluable for random stock footage.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your responses - I'll let you know how I go with your suggestions which I am about to start on now.

I guess advertising archives are probably best approached through PR departments within the companies that I am seeking ads from. Crafting a request without going into laborious detail and ultimately giving them the impression that their company may be seen in a not so positive light (ie Nike) looks like the most difficult hurdle.
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