Best Dallas thrift/second hand clothing stores
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So, I need to start building a decent work-ready wardrobe and I wanted to try going the thrift second hand route. I'm a 35 year old male with pretty sedate tastes in clothing that skew in the heritage and ivy league directions. Any places in DFW I should look? thanks
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I know this might skew a little young/trendy, but Buffalo Exchange in Lower Greenville always seems to have some higher end designer stuff (thanks to those SMU students, I'm guessing?) mixed in with your Banana Republic/Gap with a nice dose of quirky vintage thrown in. Maybe try out Couture Consignment on Oak Lawn for suiting.
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It's been a while since I lived in Dallas but I bought several things at Rethreads there. They had quite a bit of business and business/casual stuff there, which is a lot of what I bought.

(It's a consignment store fwiw)
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Check out the Plano Goodwill. Thank you Willow Bendites!
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