Best screencasting app for Mac?
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This question has been asked before, but long enough ago that I'd like to see if things have changed: What's the best screencasting app for the Mac?

I teach online college courses, and want to create better educational videos for my students. Needs: record screen and mic audio at the same time, allows basic editing, including adding text, and lets me include a video of myself talking in a corner while the rest of the screen shows my presentation. Wants: user friendly, less than $100. But I could deal with a learning curve and shell out more money if a program is really work it.

Videos will be uploaded to YouTube and linked for student viewing.
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I used ScreenFlow two releases ago and liked it, despite a hopefully-now-fixed problem with my whole project file getting corrupted (should have used Time Machine, I suppose). But it was very intuitive and appealed to my laziness.
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I find Screenflow to still be pretty amazing but it is kind of expensive.
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I use CamTwist Studio, which is free, and very powerful. I use it for streaming, but it should be able to save to a file and allows for multiple switchable scenes with hotkeys, overlays/editing, and multiple sources (i.e. a video of me talking in the corner). The site's got great tutorials and I think the dev runs a live weekly show using it that you can view on YouTube.
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Camtasia for MAc is the best $100 I've spent on software:

Even as a person who feels comfortable in Final Cut and Premiere, I can do good editing quickly with Camtasia.
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I am extremely happy with ScreenFlow. Easy yet-powerful-enough editing interface, all around a good time.
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That helps narrow things down. I think I will get trials of both of those and see which I prefer. Thanks, guys.
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By the way, for anyone browsing this. I noticed that Camtasia has a $75 price for educators. Makes it a bit more affordable.
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