Ride to abortion in NJ?
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Hello. I have scheduled a pregnancy termination for this Saturday, August 17....my ex isn't returning my calls or emails requesting a ride/company, and I really don't want anyone else to know about it. I have been told that I will need a ride home and that I can't take a cab; the driver needs to wait for me. I was wondering if anyone happens to know of any volunteer organizations or similar organizations in NJ that might help me out. I'm happy to pay whatever it might cost....thanks!
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I'm sure someone here will volunteer! If not, ask on your local subreddit. Lastly, TaskRabbit is easy to use and can help you find someone local who can give you a ride and hang out during the procedure (if you go this route, look for coupons online to give you a credit on your first task!)

edit: Whoops, you might not be in TaskRabbit's geographical area. If there are any local task-running services near you, they might be able to help you out.
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This page for the South Jersey Clinic Defense looks like it hasn't been updated for more than a decade, but it might still be worth a shot to call or email to see if you can get in touch with someone who will escort you.

I'm sorry about your ex going MIA. My best to you.
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If you happen to be in the vicinity of Rumson/Red Bank/etc., please MeMail me, I have family there who used to volunteer at Planned Parenthood and probably know of local resources.

Otherwise, maybe try the National Network of Abortion Funds? At least some of them offer material help like rides, not just money.
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I'm sorry you are going through this. I would call your local women's violence organization and ask if they could help you out. They would most likely know someone who is pro choice and thus likely to be a safe escort. You could also potentially call a women's resource centre at your local university and ask for a referral. Surely someone at one of those places will know a safe person who can help.
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Contact the New Jersey Abortion Access Fund and ask if they have any resources or recommendations. Most abortion funds often work with people who have transportation issues, so they probably have advice if nothing else.

Best of luck finding someone to help you out!
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Can you contact a mod and ask them to add your general location? Despite being a small state, NJ is a big place.
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