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Can I import content from Mediawiki to Wordpress?

Employer is currently using Wordpress for blogs and Mediawiki for articles. The blog template has finally been modified to satisfaction but the wiki template looks completely different. Rather than design a new wiki template, boss asked if there was some way to just have the content from the wiki appear in the center section (the entry section) of the blog. The links to the wiki articles are automatically pulled and listed in the lefthand column of the blog.

Has anyone worked with these two and have any idea how I would go about doing this? I'm pretty unfamiliar with PHP but don't even know if that's what's needed. I asked in the Wordpress forums and while it's only been a day, given past experience there, I have zero hope that my question will be answered. Specific help would be greatly appreciated but even a pointer in the right direction would be nice.
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Are you talking about a one-time import, or a dynamic pull? The latter is naturally more complicated.

Personally, if the wiki is in use, I would work on fixing the template; I don't see why it would be that hard to accomplish a blog-like appearance. Wikipedia, for example, supports four or five different "skins", some significantly different (menus in different part of page, no sidebar, etc.). Certainly a wiki is easier, in some respects, for a group of people to use to modify content, and it's easier to learn, and you can break it much less easily.

If the wiki is just holding some static content, then I'd consider a move. But the problem here is that if any wiki syntax has been used it will need to be modified -- '' changed to <b> for instance. That's easily enough done with a sed script (rather than PHP).
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Response by poster: I'm talking a dynamic pull.

The benefit of pulling the content to the blog is that the content that's in the left and right hand columns of the blog stays the same (categories, log in, a punch of other lists that are being dynamically pulled, etc.) Then there aren't obviously two different systems at work.

(More people will be using the blog than will be using the wiki.)
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If you're not worried about server load, I'd suggest having php pull in the contents of the full wiki page and embed it in your wordpress template. Barring that, you could use an iframe.
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