How to build an anonymous discussion / Q&A website?
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How would you build a website where people can have an anonymous Q&A discussion with you?

I'm trying to create a site where people could anonymously ask me a question and then have an ongoing private discussion (not real time). For example, they fill out a form on the main website with their question. I can then respond to their question with a private posting. Then they can respond back with another posting. If they could do this without having to create a login, that would be even better.

How the site is structured is flexible. So for example, if the followup conversation could be done via anonymous email service or some other method, if it makes things easier. However, the more streamlined and simple it is the better. For example an old style bulletin board with private messages would be too cumbersome.

I'm trying to put this together as easily as possible, so using existing tools and site creators would be ideal. I have basic working knowledge of HTML and putting together a website. Is there a fairly easy way to do this or is it going to get complicated? Just looking for ideas of how realistic this would be or if there is a simple way to do it. Thanks!!
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I would use Wordpress with something like this plugin, then make it explicit in your on-site copy that users can register with sock puppets/anonymously.
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I don't think the OP is looking for a "Q&A" site like that WP plug-in. That plug-in is for questions that get publicly posted and publicly answered. I think what the OP really wants is some sort of form and messaging system. It could certainly be done in Wordpress but using Wordpress (the content management system) would require some programming skills. If the OP doesn't have programming skills but can afford to hire a programmer, then Wordpress would probably be a good way to go. There may also be an existing web app that can already do this but I'm not aware of what it would be.
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I think you could do this on tumblr or livejournal/dreamwidth fairly easily. You would probably have to post the questions to the tumblr or lj and have the back and forth below. Yo is this racist does reader questions that way. Tumblr is kinda horrible for threaded conversations, but good for tagging. would be my preference - it's either free with posting caps or cheap for full access, you can allow anonymous commenting, turn on IP tracking if needed, set up a group to allow others to post, etc etc.
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Response by poster: Dansaman is correct, I'm looking for followup discussion that would be private.

Though the Wordpress solution might be present some workable ideas.
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