Can I get some resolution?
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Help me figure out how to prepare art for a public screen slideshow. Details inside...

I have a client who wants me to convert a print ad to a format that will be running, I believe, on a public screen slideshow. One of those screens that rolls through sponsors' ads all day. The only formatting direction I can get from anyone is that the final art must be either jpeg or png at 1080x1920. That's it.

This is the first time I've done art for anything like this, so this goes out to anyone with experience in this area...

• Can I assume that this is 1080 high x 1920 wide? Otherwise, this would be a vertical piece. That can't be right...right?
• What resolution/pixel density should the art be? 72ppi? 96ppi? 300ppi?

I'm serious when I say I can't get any more direction from the client or the marketing droids. All I can get are the base dimensions, with no actual resolution stated.

Many thanks.
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1920x1080 would be regular 1080p hdtv resolution, but you can turn the screen sideways if you do want it oriented vertically in which case they'd listed 1080x1920, but its hard to tell what they meant.

PPI doesn't come into play here, thats pixels per inch, you already know the exact resolution (barring rotation) of the image, the PPI would vary based on the size of the screen, but that doesn't change what the resolution is.
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Response by poster: So, I can output a jpeg or png for this at any ppi and it'll look sharp and clear with no pixelization?
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Make the image resolution in pixels match their display resolution. 1920x1080, or 1080x1920 if its vertically oriented.

The PPI setting you set in software should have zero effect on the output, since you can't control the resolution of their display, or its size which determine the actual output PPI.

If your software is insisting on a PPI, 72 is the standard web PPI, but is utterly meaningless for output on a display.

You need to find out if their screen is vertical or horizontal, since that makes a huge difference.
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