What are these holes called?
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What are these mounting holes called? Is there any kind of plate or bracket I could buy that would allow me to retrofit them onto a device that does not have them, without drilling into the device?
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Keyhole slots. What kind of device are you wanting to retrofit them onto?
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(FYI, the first picture doesn't work.)
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I'm trying to mount one of these (another pic) to a wall, but it doesn't provide enough clearance under the board for me to feel comfortable drilling a keyhole slot into the enclosure.

The first picture was more or less the same as the second. It worked while I was previewing because I had the image cached. If a mod wants to, the link can be removed.
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Do you need it to be removable? If so, I'd use sticky back velcro. If not, I'd use double sided foam tape.

I'm searching Macky Carr for the right sort of bracket for you, but kinda striking out.
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You can buy keyhole slots at hardware stores; the last ones I needed I bought at Home Depot. They are designed to be screwed onto furniture but you could epoxy them to your case.
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No, they don't need to be removable. That fitting Mitheral linked would be perfect. Thanks!
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