Looking for patterned tights with solid inner thigh
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I am looking for plus size patterned tights with a SOLID (non-patterned) section at the inner thigh -- I don't want the patterning to go all the way up to the panty part of the tights. Like these. Can you suggest some?

I'm in the US and completely comfortable buying online (from US companies only though). I don't care about the color or type of pattern.

Most websites don't show that part of the tights in their pictures, so I'm having trouble finding this on my own. Thanks!
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I would call up the nice people at Sock Dreams and describe what you're looking for. They are a great little company in Portland, OR and have a big selection.
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I can't link to specific examples because my workplace internet filter blocks all the best hosiery websites under the risque 'Lingerie & Swimsuit' category, but -- have you tried using "control top" as a search term? Control top tights almost always have an opaque section that goes from navel to mid-thigh. And yes, Sock Dreams is a great site!
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I did a search for plus-size control top patterned tights, and a few came up in the search. (It looks like most control tops actually come down the thigh a bit.)

This site runs up to a XXL, which they say is hips 62" and 300 lbs, for example.
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Lane Bryant has patterned tights. On the website it's unclear on a lot of the models if the pattern stops at the thigh, but it clearly does on some, so it might be worth checking out.

When searching, the phrase "control top" usually means stiffer-solid-colored-thigh-section.
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Because I love window-shopping at Sock Dreams' website, I had a look for you!

These tights have a small floral pattern that ends about mid-thigh, according to the description.

These striped ones have a solid panty area -- I'm not sure if the solid part goes far enough down for you.

These crochet-look tights also have a solid panty.

(If you can't find enough patterned tights with solid thigh and panty area, another idea is to layer patterned over-the-knee or thigh-high stockings on top of solid tights.)
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