How to make Firefox for Android always show the title bar?
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Since updating Firefox on my smartphone yesterday, it has a new UI feature - if I scroll down in a page, it hides the title bar and the icon which lets me access open tabs. I have to scroll back up (at a certain 'speed') to get it to show. How can I stop this? I want to be able to access the list of open tabs without scrolling (and thus losing my place in the page).

(phone: SG2, android: 2.3.5)
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Best answer: I don't know, and hopefully this is either open to customization or about to get an extension that'll do it. However, this page from mozilla says that you can "pull down the title bar from the top of the screen" to make it reappear.

Does that work at least?

You might also check whether there's any relevant setting in about:config
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Response by poster: ok, I found a setting called something.dynamic_toolbar, changed it from true to false, and it seems this did the trick. thanks for the tip!
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I've been similarly annoyed by the vanishing toolbar in Chrome on my Android tablet. Unfortunately, so far it looks like the about:config trick doesn't work on tablets?
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