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Hello, I am an Indian citizen visiting the United States for a few weeks. My travel plans have now extended to include 3 weeks in the United Kingdom and Europe on my way back home. While I do have insurance for my US trip, I do not have any for the UK/Europe leg of my journey. I would like to know which is the best medical/travel insurance policy that I could buy in the United States, given that I am not a resident here. I am looking at a policy that covers 250k USD; I am a 35 year old woman. Thanks a lot!
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I used to buy travel insurance for myself, they aggregate a million plans for simple comparison. They ask for your residence to see which plans apply but have an option for 'not US or Canada'.
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But actually, if you already have insurance I would recommend contacting them and asking if it can be extended/added to, which would probably be cheaper.
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Seconding trying to contact your existing insurance provider for a modification.

Also, if I remember right, most Indian travel insurance providers (if you bought your existing policy from one of them) have the area of coverage as "Worldwide including US/Canada" or "Worldwide excluding US/Canada" so maybe it is only the period of coverage that might need to be altered.

Insurance Pandit or My Insurance Club might be of help with comparisons/info.
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