Aeron Chair Repair
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I need help repairing an Aeron chair.

The set screw (nut with additional threads on the outside to grip plastic) has pulled out of the seat pan. It will cost $250 for a new seat pan. I tried JB weld to glue it, no dice. I really like the chair, but am also cheap.
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Epoxy sounds like it would be my first choice for this kind of repair. If done properly it should be stronger than the plastic. Could you post a pic of the damaged area? That might help.
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Are you saying that the set screw, or the seat pan, has stripped threads? If so you can buy a bolt at the hardware store that is slightly larger than the existing set screw, and force it into the seat pan using a ratchet wrench.

You'll want to buy an automotive-grade bolt, and don't be afraid to choose metric for that just-slightly-larger size.
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Response by poster: JB weld is epoxy, it didn't bond with the plastic. I can't get a good pic of the damaged area. It is the seat pan with stripped threads. Actually I just found out the set screw is set into the seat pan while is is still hot from the mold. So it isn't really screwed in. I'm going to a hardware store and look for a larger set screw. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Well just fixed the problem.

Epoxy didn't work, buying a larger set screw didn't work, adding screws to the sides to hold the set screw in place didn't work.

Washers worked. Three regular washers ($.05 each) keep the set screw from pulling out.
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