Mapping thousands of locations
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Location mapping. I want to map a couple of thousand points (latitude/longditude, csv/excel) across America and come up with a pretty picture as a result. Currently I'm thinking of using gmaptrack or the Yahoo! map API. Any alternate suggestions? Software is fine. I may also have to map the location of some chains across America to which I don't have the location data (but will come up in a google map search), any idea on how to do this?
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GPS Visualizer will allow you to upload lat/longs in a bunch of formats including CSV. It'll pretty much cover most things if you 're happy with a static JPG as the result.

For the second part, if you can get the zipcodes of the chains from the Google Map Results you can use to convert the to lat/lon.

There's probably also a Greasemonkey script that'll get you the lat/long of the mouse cursor on the map, but I don't have the referance at hand.

If there's not too many chains that may help.
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I've used ArcGIS, but it ain't cheap...
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I would recommend XPlanet which works very well for this purpose. Replace the default map with a larger Blue Marble one to make the output prettier. I use this program to visualize the location of people and to draw maps of bicycle tour routes.
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Microsoft Mappoint might do the job. Not sure the list price, since I had a friend get it from the company store.
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ArcGIS is very, very nice if you can afford it. Just hope you never get stuck on the devel end of ESRI... I think their developers were stoned when they wrote some of their API design.
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Thanks guys (and gals if any are present).

In the end I decided to go with the Google Map API to go for the prettiness/swish factor.

Is definately something to read if you're dealing with more than 800 points on IE though.
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