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I'm very interested in the transactions that take place between Artists and Coders when you stick them together in a room - is there a name for this ? where should I look for more information ?

I'm sort of up on Hackathons, John Maeda and so on but i'm very interested in current initiatives to bring artists, designers and coders together........i've seen the current Defcon 21 with the art+tech taking place......i'd really like to dig into what current things are going on and whether there are any strands of current thinking happening in this area as well - is this something i'd need to sneak into google/apple hq to better understand ?

thanks in advance.
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"Transactions?" If I understand correctly, what you're talking about is usually called collaboration.
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Check out Rhizome's Seven on Seven conference.
posted by neroli at 11:21 AM on August 5, 2013

This recent Unconference looked amazing: And there's also XOXO Fest, which is coming up soon.
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I have a PhD in exactly this but it's 5am an I'm on my phone. Memail me?
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Creative Applications covers a lot of that kind of projects.
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Any local meetup groups based around processing would be a good place to start.
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