Is there a Vaginal Ring HRT option to treat and improve bone density?
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Do any of the Vaginal Rings that are available to women for HRT (Estring, FemRing) work for increasing bone mineral density and preventing osteoporosis? I know estradiol HRT via pills or the patch does, but I can't find any evidence to show that the vaginal rings have the same effect. Please help me!
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Bone loss in elderly women prevented by ultralow doses of parenteral 17beta-estradiol. (study subjects used estring)

The comment says that "To our knowledge this is the first report to indicate a positive effect on bone loss in elderly women of ultralow doses of parenteral 17beta-estradiol," so looking for anything that cites this study will probably be a good start

The systemic availability of the ring vs patch vs oral can be compared, and it seems there's a bit more evidence of using the ring for other systemic effects
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