World's funniest Youtube clips?
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I recently discovered Têtes à claques. It's addictive and frickin' hilarious, and has done more for me to pick up Quebec French than any book or class. What similar stuff exists in other languages?

I'm basically looking for video shorts, ideally a long-standing series (so I don't have to keep searching for similar stuff). The hook for me is the humour, the accents and the slang.

The other languages I'm interested in are Spanish, German and DUTCH!! These are the languages that I've dabbled in forever by traditional means (books, courses, formal instruction, etc), but until now I didn't find something that totally hooked me.

Bonus points if the videos are subtitled, whether in the original language or in English.
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Oh and here examples of the Tetes a Claques video clips that have totally hooked me:

Napoleon Le Magnifique
Potato Peeler
Captain Kung Fu

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what I consider to be funny. Thanks!
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Wow...11 favourites as of a day later and no contributions...tough crowd! :-)
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Les Guignols de l'info - French (France) parody news by claymation puppets
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