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I have several boxes of brand new educational/instructional materials, mostly at the elementary level. What programs in the San Francisco area should i contact where these would be of most benefit? I have a very short window before their disposal is out of my hands and they likely become landfill.
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826 (aka the pirate store with a tutoring center)? I volunteer with 826's NYC chapter and I believe they are generally interested in supplies.
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Boys and Girls Clubs? There is one in the Mission and one in Upper Haight. They may take materials.

Also, SFUSD teachers go back next week and I'm pretty sure administrators and secretaries are there already. At our school when we get donations, they are left in the office and teachers/volunteers/student teachers/families can use them. Maybe find the school closest to you?
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Correction: teachers go back in ~10 days but I did see our principal's car outside school this morning!
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Call Glide Memorial Church, if they can't use them, they'll be able to help you get them to folks who can use them.
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A school that was closing down dropped materials off at our homeschooling co-op; I thought that was terrific. Google fetches up an active sfhomeschoolers mailing list that I expect would readily offer up a drop-off within that sort of network. Actually, probably somebody who would be happy to pick them up and ferry them to a distribution point.
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Response by poster: I guess what I'd really like is to open my storage unit for a couple hours this weekend and invite people who would be interested to come "shop". It's on the Peninsula. I'll check for non-profits in the area that have an educational focus, though would love specific suggestions for groups that would pick them up as opposed to me having to deliver them.
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You can donate this stuff to R.A.F.T. (Resource Area For Teaching) -- they have locations in Sunnyvale and San Jose, and elsewhere.
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Best answer: My company is doing a supplies drive for a local school right now. PM me, so I can tell you the details, and maybe I can just come by this weekend and take that stuff off your hands.
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