Food in Marseille
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I'm going to be in Marseille for the better part of a week in early August, but won't have a car. If at all possible, I'd like to find a place where I can have a meal that consists of wine, cheese, and bread. Where can/should I do this?
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Just those three things? If so, not to be snarky but your best bet might be to go to a nice epicerie or supermarket and have a picnic in a nice square somewhere
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Sounds like you're looking for La Cloche à Fromage.

If you want melted cheese, there are plenty of raclette style restaurants.
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Edit: ignore my last. La Cloche à Fromage used to have a shop in Marseille. They appeared to have closed that one though.
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I would say the same as runincircles did. Find:
- 1 nice wine store
- 1 nice fromagerie
- 1 nice boulangerie
There are awards for these things every year, France is serious! You could dig up some award-winners, or just find one good shopping street, and get recommendations at each place. Someone may come in with specific suggestions (I don't know Marseille), but that would be my strategy. Failing that, hit up any decent grocery store (e.g. Monoprix or Carrefour) for the cheese and wine. I do this for visitors, but in Paris.
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OK - I think I've got one - Fromagerie Chez Emily. It looks like there are also tables where you can eat on site. Review.
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Just go to La Caravelle on the waterfront. They serve wine. They have a nice cheese plate. And, like everywhere else, they have bread.
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Just look for wine bars in your neighborhood. Most French wine bars offer cheese plates, bread, and wine. Here's one.
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I think you'd be hard pressed to not find those things in any French city, town, or village. I mean, you'll practically be tripping over them. I'm not being snarky. They're like air.
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