Best vegan/vegetarian Swedish/Scandinavian cookbook?
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A friend of mine is going to move to Sweden next month. I would like to give him a book with vegan/vegetarian Swedish (or Scandinavian) recipes. The book can be in English, German or Swedish. Any suggestions? PS. In relation to this question what is the best place to buy Swedish books. It seems like there is nothing like Amazon over there.
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Best vegetarian book, but not Swedish: Plenty

Good Scandanavian books but not vegetarian: Aquavit and Faviken

For ordering - delivers to Sweden.
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Here's a listing of Swedish vegetarian cookbooks at Adlibris, which looks to be a good Amazon replacement (note: whole website is in Swedish). "Vegetariska" is the search term to use. Vegetariska kokboken by Inga-Britta Sundqvist seems to be well-reviewed.

For a cookbook that's in English, The Winter Vegetarian might do; it's not entirely Scandinavian, but the author is a Russian professor and the recipes (which are all vegetarian) focus on the cuisine of northern Europe.
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This thread has some good Swedish vegetarian/vegan food links, which might be useful, though most are not to books.

Veganföreningen i Sverige (the Swedish Vegan society) has a book list. Use the sidebar links for "Veganska Boktips" ("Vegan book suggestions") and "Boktips, blandade" ("book suggestions, various").
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Regarding Swedish books, the most well known on-line bookstores are Bokus and Adlibris. Adlibris doesn't ship books outside of Sweden, but Bokus seems to do it though.
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Not particularly Swedish, but The Green Kitchen is written by a vegetarian Danish/Swedish couple who co-author a blog by the same name.
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