How do I convert Kingsoft Writer back to Word (and do I really want to?)
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Kingsoft Office appears to have hitched a ride on some software I downloaded recently (thank you, CNET). In a further act of pushiness, it seems to have converted all my MS Word files into Kingsoft Write 2013 files. Is there any way to convert them back to MS Word and make Kingsoft just go away?

And if I do not/cannot convert the files, then move them onto another computer, will Kingsoft try to convert Word files on the second computer?

(If you can make a case for why Kingsoft is a blessing in disguise, I'm skeptical but willing to listen.)
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Response by poster: Update - documents all self-identify as Kingsoft documents, but if I launch MS Word and open said document, it will open as a Word document.

Question still stands, however, as I do not like seeing interlopers in my workspace even if they do scunch over when I move to sit down. I want them out!
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What happens if you uninstall Kingsoft Office?
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Did it convert the files, or just change the file association ?

Can you right-click on a word doc/docx and try the "open with", select microsoft word, and tik the "always use this application" option ?

(There may be a registry fix and/or utility to change file associations back, *IF* that's the case here)
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It's possible that Kingsoft Office hasn't actually converted anything but simply registered itself as the default application for your Word files. First thing to do would be to uninstall Kingsoft Office and see if that restores Word as the default for .doc/.docx files. If not, right click on a Word file and on the Open With menu, set Word as the default program.
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I don't have any experience with Kingsoft Writer, but I'm guessing it didn't convert your MS Word files - it probably just set Kingsoft as the default app to open Word files. You should be able to change MS Word back to the default by:

-Right click on a Word file
-click 'Open with'
-click 'Choose default program'.
-An 'Open with' dialog box will appear - select MS Word and OK to finish
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are you sure they converted and replaced your old files? I suppose this is possible, but seems unlikely. Check file extensions. Any reason why just going to control panel and uninstalling Kingstone doesn't do the trick? (and yeah BACKUP!)
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whoopse, missed the update
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Response by poster: I was concerned about what might happen if I uninstalled the whole program, but from the above I'm willing to believe that my concerns are a bit excessive. Which is the main thing, really. Many thanks for pointing out the real issue, the road ahead is clear now.

And you all get best answer as far as I'm concerned.

(I do back up religiously, but I am still uber-paranoid when uninvited surprises turn up. I mean to say, if they can do the one thing, who can say what else they can do?)

Again, many thanks
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