Find MCM-style wallpaper used on "Big Brother"?
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Wife watches "Big Brother" occasionally, has fallen in love with the wallpaper seen in this season's episodes (image). It's got a mid-century modern vibe and is super-retro-awesome. Where oh where can we find wallpaper just like this (or similar) - any ideas? Much obliged for any help!
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Are you sure that's wallpaper and not fabric? It drapes and, in any case, the same design is on the two oatmeal couches in a blue colorway. The fastest way to find out is probably through the production designer, Scott Storey.
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Got it! It's by Sanderson and is called Mobiles. There's both fabric and wallpaper available.
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Best answer: Better link.
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Response by poster: We love you carmicha!!!
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