Yes, I made up video games as a kid.
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80sNintendofilter: Was this really a game and if so, what was it?

I seem to recall a game that was for the original NES system, or maybe I just dreamt it up.

All I remember of the game is this: you were some guy running from one stage to another, and I think each stage was a different alien planet. It wasn't a side-scrolling game but top to bottom; actually, the character stayed at the bottom of the screen, facing into the TV if you will, and the "ground" scrolled underneath him. The "ground" itself was a checkerboard pattern (each stage had a different color + white pattern) and there were pits you had to jump across. There might have been enemies to beat or squash by jumping on, but I don't remember clearly. I think there were trees in the background too, although they just stayed in the background and you never ran closer to them.

This would have been released in the late 80s / early 90s...any ideas what it might be? Or perhaps this was a creation of my over-imaginative tween mind?
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3-D WorldRunner.
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Also see Space Harrier.
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I think hooray is right on with the 3-D WorldRunner answer. I had it as a kid and it was an utterly bizarre game.
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Definitely one of those two.
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The pits make it sound like WorldRunner. And it was certainly the creation of someone's over-imaginitive mind.

I don't think I'd seen any Youtube playthroughs since I actually played 25 yrs ago, but... that music! It was so familiar hearing it again, but I didn't realize it was on every level. And those hands!
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