Source of Gore Vidal quote about writing
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Can anyone help me identify the original source of this Gore Vidal quote? "Write what you know’ will always be excellent advice for those who ought not to write at all. Write what you think, what you imagine, what you suspect. That is the only way out of the dead end of the Serious Novel which so many ambitious people want to write and no one on earth wants to read." Have been Googling for a while without any luck.
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It appears in three collections of his essays, according to a Google Book search.
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It appears to be available in one of the essays in:

Vidal, Gore (1983), The Second American Revolution and Other Essays(1976-82), New York: Vintage

If you search Google Books, it's on page 131, but not enough of it is there to actually get to the name of the essay. Getting the book physically ought to get you there.
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I think it’s from a 1980 essay entitled Thomas Love Peacock: The Novel of Ideas, which is included in United States: Essays 1952-1992.
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Best answer: Wikiquote says it's from Vidal's essay "Thomas Love Peacock: The Novel of Ideas"
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Response by poster: Thanks. Somehow the way I searched was only bringing up quotes from inspirational Chicken Soup books.
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