Great scrub massage in NYC
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Looking for an awesome, exfoliating scrub massage in NYC. Salt, sugar, whatever the medium—I'm interested in trying anything. Thanks for any suggestions!
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I have heard that Spa Castle is great for this.
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A Platza at the Russian-Turkish Baths.

It takes you juuuuuuuuust this side of Death, which is why you come out feeling like a newborn baby.

[WARNING: When they call it 'Jewish Acupuncture', they're not being cute.]
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If you like things a little fancy like I do, Bliss has a Hot Salt Scrub.
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What you want is a Korean bath house. Allow a lady in a bra to scrub you up and down with rough mitts until your skin pills off.
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Seconding Spa Castle. It's amazing!
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Korean body scrub - Spa Castle or (my favorite) King Sauna in Palisades Park. You strip nekkid, lie down on a vinyl-covered table, and then a middle-aged Korean lady wearing nothing but a bra and panties will use these highly-abrasive towels to scrub the everloving SHIT out of you (while pausing to periodically wash away the giant gray clumps of dead skin that have sloughed off of you). You will emerge soft as a newborn kitten's belly.
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Response by poster: I decided to try Zen Spa in Manhattan. While the experience was good, I really didn't feel as though my skin got particularly soft. (I once had a terrific scrub massage in St. Martin where I did feel super-smooth afterwards, so I feel like I have a basis for comparison.) I might try Bliss next time.
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