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Hello, I am looking to find out what this tag reads in English: Thanks very much to anyone who speaks Arabic and can translate this. Thanks
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Best answer: It reads, "There is no god but God and Mohammed is His Messenger."
(Disclaimer: I don't read/speak Arabic. My partner is from Saudi so he translated it.)
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My native Arabic speaker husband seconds Gursky's partner's translation and adds that it's from the Quran.
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Best answer: Yup, more specifically it's the Shahada.
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Response by poster: Thank You!

Is this Shahada from Shia or Sunni's branch of Islam?
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I think the Shia add a bit about Ali, but I am more familiar with Sunni Islam so I can't say for sure what that bit is.
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Best answer: This is the bit that's common to both - the difference is that the Shia add an extra sentence referring to Ali, but the absence of that sentence doesn't mean it's a Sunni tag.

More specifically:

- When you remove the "fancy" calligraphy that tag simply reads "لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله" ["There is no god but God and Mohammad is His Messenger."] : This is an affirmation of the belief in God and Mohammad which is the basic tenet of all Islam. Both Sunni and Shia Muslims recite this in their prayers.

- وعليٌ وليُّ الله ["and Ali is the wali of God"] This is missing from your tag and it's what would have identified it as exclusively Shia.

Without that extra sentence there is no way to determine if it is supposed to be Sunni or Shia.
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