Please recommend some apartment rentals in Seattle
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Can you recommend some apartment rentals in Seattle which are within walking distance to a Microsoft Connector bus going to the Bellevue office? Thank you! :)
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The Connector routes are fairly broad, I think. What is the range you want to pay for rent? What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? What are your limits on a reasonable walking distance?
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Is this the route with 4 stops from Belltown to Capitol Hill? There's going to be a very wide range of options available through those areas, so it would help if you provided a little more information about what exactly you look for in an apartment and neighborhood. Desired rent at a minimum.

(This is the Connector map I'm referencing)
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...and if you cross-reference that map with this one you'll have a good picture of what's available for rent right now.
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Out of all those connector-served neighborhoods on bizwank's map, Capitol Hill is going to be most dense with apartment rentals as opposed to single-family homes. You can use Padmapper to map Craigslist rentals.

Also keep in mind that the downtown Bellevue office is served by any express bus serving the Bellevue Transit Center, so that opens up downtown, Belltown, and the University District for you as well, all of which are rental-heavy.
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I don't know where that bus goes but I assume Capitol Hill is on the route, and there are literally thousands of apartment buildings here, ranging from shitboxes full of tiny studios, to luxury buildings with pools, gyms and roofdecks. Might be helpful to get a sense for what you're looking for, what you want to pay, etc.
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As soon as this question came through my RSS reader, I sent it to a friend who works at Microsoft for input. Her reply is below, and she said I could MeMail you her email address.

“So it’s worth noting that the green pushpin route on the linked google map is the Seattle-Bellevue route; all of the other routes go to the main Redmond Campus. The Bellevue route is a milk run, and those 4 stops are pretty far apart. You’ll save a good 20+ minutes on your commute if you live near the last two instead of in Belltown.

Depending on your bus tolerance, another option that opens up living wherever you want on all the routes is to ride to Redmond then take the Redmond-Bellvue shuttle. It’s about another 25 minutes.

The public 550 bus is pretty quick as well - there’s a stop at the Convention Centre. Another spot worth considering as there is lots of good rental stuff in the area.

Connector pro tip: they say you /have/ to make a reservation for each trip, but the drivers don’t really enforce it. I mostly just show up and I’ve only had to wait for the next bus twice in 2 years.

+1 padmapper is awesome.

I don’t have any specific buildings to recommend, but I will note that I was surprised by the generally shit quality of expensive buildings in this town (compared to Toronto, Canada at least). Your brand new fancy-looking apartment may still have lino countertops, and most of the buildings below 7 stories are made of wood.

Oh and if you don’t smoke, look for a non-smoking building. Seattle apartments don’t usually have AC and you’ll want to be able to open all the windows in the summer without neighbor smoke blowing through. Or just get AC, I suppose!”
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