Breakfast, tomorrow morning, between Harwich and Colchester
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I'm coming in on the 06:30 ferry at Harwich, England. I'm headed to Colchester on the train. I remember I did this last year, also on a Sunday, and realized that once I got to Colchester that early, the busses were not running and nothing was open so I couldn't get breakfast for hours (and even then, it was at a random hotel, who let me pay for their hotel breakfast). I'd like to avoid this tomorrow morning. I don't need to be in Colchester until the afternoon. Where can I have a nice breakfast? I'm not averse to Ipswitch or Harwich, but I do have a dog. Suggestions of sit-downs or take-outs (like bakeries) are welcome.
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At that time on a Sunday morning your best bet might be McD...I don't know Harwich so no idea where you'd find one. There is a bakery/cafe at Ipswich station but I don't know what time that opens on a Sunday morning, it's not vile or anything but not sure it'd meet my definition of nice breakfast either. The nearest McD in Ipswich would be on the high street so you'd have to walk into town and I don't know what time that opens on a Sunday morning.

Basically your travel schedule is not conducive to nice breakfast... on a Sunday morning town centres won't come alive until gone 10 am. So if you want breakfast your best bet is a snack on the ferry before you get off and then make your way to Colchester, sleep on the trains and by the time you get to Colchester you may be able to find somewhere that serves breakfast.

And perhaps plan your travel times more sensibly or plan to take a thermos with coffee and sandwiches to tide you over until East Anglia wakes up on a Sunday morning.
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