Hangout spots near Andover, NH?
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I have a lovely chance to get together with an old friend this weekend. I'll be picking her up in Andover, NH, where she'll be for a scientific conference. I don't know the area at all, and would love a recommendation for a near-ish spot that we could hang out, have a beer or two, and where my dog would be welcome to lounge on the patio. After all, my former roommate would put a hurt on me if I didn't bring the pup along.

We've only got a few hours to spend together, so the closer the better. Just looking for a spot to hang out and chat, and maybe have a beer or two.
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there is a brew pub in the area! right on the main road. not sure if they have a patio, though.

there's winslow state park, which has a wonderful view, and is great for picnicking. not sure if alcohol is allowed, but if you were discreet about it you'd probably be fine.

i'll be up in the same area sunday night!
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sorry, i was actually thinking about the Flying Goose brew pub which is a few miles up the road towards New London.
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