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What are some unusual output devices that might provide me with hours of entertainment and nifty physical items? (With as little hands-on maintenance as possible.)

Today I saw a Kickstarter for a WatercolorBot (link upon request) that uses technology similar to the Etch-a-Sketch to paint vector graphics in watercolors. It's from the same people who developed the Ostrich Egg Bot for drawing on eggs. And I know there are knitting machines, cutter-plotters, 3-D printers, sewing machines that do embroidery, etc. What nifty output devices am I missing?
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Tenori-on outputs patterns of music.
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The descriptive camera
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The 3Doodler got its funding from a (long over) kickstarter. I don't think they've actually been released yet, but the gist is they allow you to "draw" in 3D with plastic through a pen-shaped device.
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I have a polargraph.
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Evil Mad Scientists has a catalog of things like that, available for sale.

But their best creation has to be CandyFab 6000.

By the way, they're the ones doing the WatercolorBot.
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Little Printer
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