Carry-On Travel Bag for Lots of Various Electronics Items?
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I'm looking for a travel bag that will hold the following: 15.6" laptop, 10" DVD player, 9" tablet, small camcorder, Kindle e-reader, mp3 player, various cords and power adapters. Any and all recommendations welcome. Bonus points if I can purchase it with 2-day shipping.
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I like my Timbuk2 bag - plenty of choices on Amazon with 2-day shipping.
Here's one, for example.
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Allow me to recommend, for the second time today, the Patagonia MLC Wheelie. There's also a lighter non-wheeled version. Perhaps it's too big for what you're looking for? I'm not clear whether you want to hold all of that stuff at once or one item at a time.
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I'm really happy with my Pacsafe Scansafe bag. Checkpoint-friendly laptop compartment, and plenty of space for the other stuff.
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ThinkGeek has various bags of the satchel and messenger variety, as well as a backpack or two. I carry the Executive Silver Bag of Holding and I've carried a 17" laptop, 10" tablet, a kindle, some large books, and plenty of cords and adapters, all at once. No problem.

My own bag will add about USD$22 to ship in 2 days.
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Seconding Timbuk2. I have the Medium Classic Messenger bag and it's perfect for traveling and holding lots of gadgets.
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You should take a look at the Tom Bihn website and see if any of their bags work for you.
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Get a Wegner backpack. I am constantly amazed at how much junk I can stuff in mine, and it's held up to three years of constant use and abuse.
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I've got a Targus TBB012US backpack that I use for air travel. Holds a 16" laptop in a TSA-approved zip-out clamshell compartment (no need to pull your laptop out at screening, just unzip and unfold). The main compartment easily carries my iPad, laptop power brick, iDevice chargers, books for me and the toddler, and snacks, so I don't see an issue with you getting your listed devices into it.
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