Help with finding a specific, free wingding character?
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Looking for font help.

I'm looking for a free font that contains both a regular and reversed version of the "%" contained in this font.

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Isn't it in the ttf in the Download link of the parent page?
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What I need is a mirror-image version. A lot of wingding fonts have two versions of their characters, one a mirror image of the other, but not this one, unfortunately.
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Ah; sorry about the unhelpful answer.

It's a two minute job with FontForge: load the font, select all glyphs, Transformations → Transform… → Flip horizontally, then Element → Correct Direction. Finally, change the font name appropriately, then save it as TTF. If you don't get any takers, I could do this for you this evening.
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Thanks so much, super helpful! I've managed to change the font, but Font Book on my MacBook doesn't recognize the flipped font as separate from the original--I just have two regular versions of the font, and can't use the flipped version in Word. Any idea how to repair this? Thanks again for your help!
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Figured it out, nevermind. Thanks again!
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