Stair walker?
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My 90 year old grandmother lives by herself in a house in which she needs to use stairs, but it's getting harder and harder these days. I know about electric lifts, but I recall a news story about a year or two ago in which a British teenage girl made a simple but brilliant invention: a track is posted on the wall above the stairs, and a large handle swings out perpendicular, and you grab onto the post/handle and pull yourself up or down the stairs. What is this invention and where can I get one online? Googling is hard because I can't think of what you'd call this...stair walker?
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Best answer: Must be the StairSteady, invented by British teenager Ruth Amos and launched when she was 19.
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Incidentally I searched "elderly assistance stairs schoolgirl", and found this ehow article which includes Ruth's invention was how I discovered the StairSteady.
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Response by poster: Excellent! That's the one, thanks.
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