Adobe Premiere Suddenly hates a video clip I use EVERY DAY.
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I have a little 11 second video clip (Vanity Clip) that I put on the beginning of all of my videos. I have been using the same clip for 2+ years. I have multiple, multiple, copies of it backed up. All of a sudden this morning, Premiere is cutting the clip EXACTLY in half horizontally. On the top is just black. Every other clip in the project is fine.

It is cut in half on every project, even past projects now.

Ah ha! you say, the original must be bad. Nope. The original and all its backups play fine in any viewer. Also, replacing the clip with one of its backups causes it to have the same, black space for the exact top half of the screen of just this one clip.

You can put a title over the blank space, but the underlying clip is not there.

I literally did 5 videos this weekend, no problem. There have been no updates to Premiere since then.

Changing the name of the clip doesnt work, either.

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Stupid answer, but did you try the magic makes-no-sense-but-sometimes-works solution of shutting everything down, rebooting the computer, and trying again?
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Response by poster: @Wretch729 Multiple times.
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Response by poster: OK, Ive narraowed it down, Premiere woke up and decided it hates WMV files. How can i make it love it again?
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If you put a different clip on a track below it, does it show through the blank part of Vanity Clip? What happens if you export that part of the timeline, does it also show the clip being cut off?

I'd try resetting or trashing preferences (depending on your platform).
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Just in the preview, or after an export? Sounds like a codec issue, in any case. Windows or Mac?
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Best answer: Found it. It's a windows update not working with adobe:

God, I hate them both.

Thanks, gang.
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