Looking for a moving company to move stuff from Bronx area to York, PA
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Asking for a family member: can anyone suggest a specific moving company (or somewhere to look for a reputable moving company) to help move stuff from the Bronx and Jersey City to York, PA? Thanks!
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I think they have since changed ownership (?), but when I moved cross-country from NYC in 2010, Rabbit Movers did a good job and had an excellent price.
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I've moved about a dozen times in the last decade and a half and have always gotten excellent recommendations from movingscam.com. Kind of a misleading name, great, great resource.

I moved from Albany to Harrisburg with Mabey's movers about 7 years ago and they were fantastic, FWIW.
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Depending on what they're looking for, I found moveline.com to be pretty helpful. They'll do a virtual tour of your apartment/house and tally up everything that needs to be moved, then send that out to a bunch of diffferent moving companies that will all send you a quote. Then you can decide which company to choose based on reviews from people who've used them. It might add $100 or so to the price you might get if you did it direct with the company(and are halfway decent at negotiating prices), but the free consultation and listing of my stuff made it more than worthwhile for me.
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