Microbus's expanding roof idea
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Remember the VW Microbus from 70's? I have question about the expanding roof...

Is the expanding roof of that microbus patented?
Or is it something that others could re-create for mass production version without patent infrigement? Don't have to be mechanically same... but the idea of expanding roof for RV or something...
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Responding without any clue as to actual facts, but as someone who drives said hippy bus, I don't think the idea itself is patentable. Possibly there's something in the mechanics that was patent at the time, but surely a patent from the 70s would be expired by now.
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As an ex-multiple bus owner and enthusiast, I know that there were several companies that did pop-tops for VW. Westphalia and Devon back in the day, and currently Winnebago. All do pop-tops, so I think the idea is fair game...

Then again though, the patent may have been liscensed to all these companies.
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There are a number of current applications of a pop-up top in the RV world. I've seen the slide-in campers for pickup beds with pop-up tops, as well as conversion vans with a pop-up roof. Any RV magazine will likely have ads picturing them. Do a web search for "pop-up camper" and you'll see many hits.
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Yup. Not a new idea. But judging by the history, not an exceptionally large or stable market.

Most people who camp enough to spend the money on such a thing are going to want a full-size camper.

Note also the brief life of the Pontiac Aztek.
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IANAPL, but a utility patent expires 20 years from filing.
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Dhartung: Did the Aztek have some kind of pop top? I had no idea. And what Sourwookie said--there were multiple companies back then that made different poptop configurations for the VW bus, Westphalia was just one, so there probably isn't a patent on the idea.

Why do you ask? Do you have a project in mind?
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Do a google image search for "dorm mobile" and "westphalia" - those were two different companies that did the aftermarket conversion. There were others as I recall but I cannot remember their names. From what I do remember though, Westies popped up either straight up or only the front/back up with the other side staying down. The dorm mobiles popped up from the right or the left side with the alternate side staying down.
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Response by poster: No project particular...
But when I saw latest disasters in New Orleans, etc... RV business came to my mind...
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My Westy has jets.
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pwb503, I think that's dormobile (at least according to the Matchbox sitting on the desk in front of me). And this. --cordially, a '78 Westphalia owner.
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